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i'm really sorry to post this, but if i could just have a moment or so of your time... so i've been organizing my icon photobucket, sorting all the icons into folders by maker (this has taken me days... i did this with my mk icons, along with my avrils and marilyn monroes, i have too many saved, haha), and came across some without a maker's name. i must have picked them up ages ago from xanga (i certainly don't do that anymore, it pisses me off people take icons and put them on their xangas... but that was at least a year ago i saved these ones), forums, or when i checked whoever's icon credit they had none, etc. i was wondering if someone would be so kind, if you know the icon maker, or you are the icon maker, if you could let me know so i can give proper credit. i have, honestly, over 5000 mary-kate/mary-kate and ashley icons saved on my photobucket, and these ones have no credit. i personally always give credit, so please don't think i'm an icon thief, i swear i'm not, haha.

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